Monday, March 7, 2011

FYI: New Fans

First I want to thank you for following 25 Hours A Day on Facebook!  It is so great to have you here.  You bring me smiles! 

This blog started a while back when I was a full-time working mom.  At that point I didn't have much thoughts of it becoming much more than something for me to pass on deals to my family out of state.  So after a couple of months of that, I found myself laid off.  WOW, that hit like a tons of bricks.  Everything just worked out though...long story short, I am now a dedicated stay-at-home mom and loving it!  Needless to say, now I have (a little) more time on my hands and have decided to build this blog up!  Who does not want to save money, get freebies in their mailbox, try new recipes or enjoy some fun projects (on the cheap)?!?! 

So, I hope you will subscribe to my well as invite anyone else you think might be interested.  The bigger we grow, the more fun giveaways...auctions...etc.  Oh, and I am dedicated to doing a small giveaway once I have 30 followers on the BLOG.  Maybe later I will do some giveaways for Facebook Fans alone...but for now, I gotta build up my blog.  I am excited...I hope you are!

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